Let’s honour the present!!!

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The Sun has luminous intensity

to be lost in the brightness

The clouds sometimes hide the sun

behind the obscurity

still it gives us immense energy

to energise our days

the Sky gives us present everyday

with the dawn of the revival

the nature gives warm welcome

with the birds chirping to honour

the arrival of the Sun

the trees are again feeling the life

with the exchange of energy

let’s honour the present

to be part of this globe

enjoying the nature’s beatitude

with a billion eyes

from the different corners

of life.


(c)Bhavya Prabhakar

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The Flaws !!!!

“If you are accused of your flaws, it’s better to acknowledge the accusation than to be triggered by the action”



Where is perfection

In dream or in reality

We become flawless or

We are born perfect!!


He accused her of sins

To decide his future

To follow his aspirations

To be free in the world.


She accepted her sins

To demotivate her desires

To acknowledge his behaviour

To be lost in her flaws.


Why to be distressed

If the flaws are part of attributes

Remember your qualities

To learn from the accusation

To attain perfection.


He accused her more

To find more motives

To overcome his iniquity

To neglect his sins.


Acceptance is onerous

If the will is envious

To play its role…!!!!!


(c)Bhavya Prabhakar


He called her a Rube!!!!

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An overcrowded world, is on cloud nine

People are so agitated in a stupid scrimmage

To run and breathe for survival

The haze has covered, the surrounding

She is trying to look at him, in a haze of smoke

The blurred vision carves his figure on a wood

To sense and touch the scented body

To attain the lost connection

To cease the time of separation

But he called her a rube!!!!!


Calling her a rube, was an intent

The urge was to deny, the authority

To carry on the battle

With his impeccable locution

To state that the country is full of rubes

To insist on the importance of education

To disregard her amicable remarks

To concoct an imaginary plot

While his eyelids were drooping, to sleep

In the illusion of freedom.


But he is still calling her a rube!!!!!


(c)Bhavya Prabhakar

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What is your costume!!!!


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The occasion has arrived

with some delightful smiles

it was overdramatised

with her manic grin

while the throng frenzied

over the costume of tonight

the special arrangements

had been made in droves

with the flame of candles

she asked with a pause

what is your costume??


A broken silence came

from the hidden account

gleaming and sparkling

pure and naive

I am light, The Soul

without any costume.


She stared at her

into the mirror with dubiety

to admire her red costume

to realise that shimmery effect

to glow in the reflection

but a disappointment

came from that side.


She questioned again

what is my costume!!!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar

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Your suspicious eyes!!!


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Up and down

rolling in suspicions

to understand the reasons

why your eyes have

such a strong expression

to communicate through gestures

without sounds still comprehensive

to convey messages

to enunciate the language

of love and anger.


Your suspicious eyes

taking me to a dream flight

from the dense clouds

to great oceans of doubts

the watery effect of your eyes

showing me the deep blue sea

as deep as your sentiments

of the blue eyes.


Your suspicious eyes

telling me every time

to open the eyes

and come out of the

suspicious dream!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar

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A feeling of Love!!!

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L’amour est la poésie des sens.

“Love is the poetry of the senses.”


A feeling unknown

In a sudden known

With the goose-bumps

In a way.


Why love destroys

Or the people, who do it

To blame the feeling

To make it challenging

To replicate the emotions

With slow breaths.


Love is the poetry of words

Crossing the bridge

With the calming sounds of water

In a rhyming song of arousal

With some puzzled tones

In which each sense

Twirls in delight

To show off the moods

To surrender.


Let’s love this feeling

To pass on as a symbol

To rejuvenate the generations

To incarnate the changing

Expressions of the fella

Don’t fix just one day!!


Let’s honour this feeling

Each day with more amusement….


Bhavya Prabhakar



At the University!!!

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Are you primed

To pass on the another text

Are you primed

To recall the theory.


The lecture begins with a fuss

Asking the explanations

From the young puss

To correlate the past

And the present.


The professor was lecturing

For an hour

On the contemporary writers

Of African literature

The niggers and the quest

Of identity.


While the university is composed

Of mixed surroundings

White and black

Together under one roof

Still having an impression

To be lost in the background.


What’s the purpose

Of the lecture

To deal with the identities

And the appearances !!!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar

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The Spirit!!!!

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Are the superstitions consequential

To construct the divinity of Almighty

Are the superstitions existential

To restrict the mentality of frighty.


For some the word” Spirit”

May conjure up

The sinister images

Created with the supernatural motives

To convince the negativity of humans.


An evil or An angel

Who has the powerful spirit

To conjure the entities

To return to their homeland.


Who will decide the destiny

Of the superstitions

Conjuring up the past

In a meaty story

Written by the spirit only!!!!

Who will decide…!!!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar

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His words have mnemonic effect!!!


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His words have mnemonic effect

muttering under her breath

ogling was postponed

each time she gazed

at the arrival of clock

His words have mnemonic effect

romanticising the past

reminiscing her ardour

for hours and hours

sending the notes of kiss

in a nervy act

of a tearful reunion

in Réunion Island

to gather the blessings

with a grimace

and to collect as a dream

to come true.

Oh this mnemonic effect!!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar

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The answer!!!!!!


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He insisted on answers to her decision

Several times, with number of attempts

But the answers challenge the interrogations

To be firm enough for the arousal.


He insisted on answers to her ignorance

Again and again, with the hopes of fragrance

But the answers were a science of awkwardness

Lacking the approval to be given by her.


He insisted on answers to her hatred

With a little chance of affection

But the answers rejected the drama

Manifesting the need of reflection.


The answers are inside the queries, She insisted

Playing with the conscious of self being

Ignoring the reasons to be confined

She insisted to recall the time

And cherish the moments of lifetime

Rather than review the conscious

Of her mind.

But he insisted again and again….!!!!!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar

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