Poetry to the Poet!!!

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Poetry to the Poet

The words are screwed

Between the layers

Of your expressions.


Sometimes it’s super exaggerated

In the comas of your phrases

With the help

Of the poignant impressions

Of your love triangle.


The Poet, in his reluctant tone

Argued with his mind

Why to draft the simplified

Versions of art

With a view to being

A paragon one day.


The poetry was despondent

As she was accused

Of being an inarticulate cry

But the Poet promised

To simplify the intrigue

With her consent only!!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Simplify

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The green grasshopper!!!

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The green grasshopper

Buzzing and stridulating

On the green herbs

In love with her virginity

Sucking the blood of purity

In the deception of lust

But the leaves remain pious

In an attempt to seduce

The one who is not amphibious

But a vegetarian to induce

A filthy feeling of trust

He is calling it leisure

While the leaves called it literature

With an accusation of plagiarism….!!!!!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar





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She owned a couture

In the urban street

Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent

With an aim to be

The rich couturier.


There was a pregnant pause

In her conversations

With a baldy head

For an irrelevant cause

Who was struck

by her beauty.


She wore a black velvet

Tending to impersonate

The Scottish beauty

With her smokey eyes

Shimmering in a glow of grudge.


Her victorian beliefs

Were in the musty

Formalities of approval

But his audacious remark

Made her mum chance

When he tends to involve

With her gloomy beauty!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar

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His bewildered complexity!!!!!

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Those rolling days of sunshine and cold

in the streets of haven far from the known

holding you tight in the aura of mine

making me out of sight in the blindness of time

The mornings used to commence with “café au lait”

with some honey croissants as the revival of day

the hugs are never bothered of the bathing

as the souls are already dipped in water

He mentioned his plans to spend life

in an ordinary tone with some red wine

in a muddy castle with a view of sky 

as chasing was not his skill, he added

but I kept questioning his fidelity

as normal act of togetherness 

The planned vacation thrilled me at height

as he was the man of the contemporary world 

until his bewildered complexity came one night.


He changed his outlook into a fake look

ignoring the facts of truth in a sudden attack

the dark clouds were visible in his husky voice

grinning was stopped in the melodrama 

his bewildered decision had a strong intention

to end the story with an abusive expression

It was autumn as the leaves of love were falling

on his footsteps and he crushed one after another brutally 

the roses were not red anymore in the game of betrayal

the redness was more prominent in the her sparkling eyes

as his bewildered escape was in his mind!!!!!



His bewildered escape was in his mind!!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Bewildered

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A Chronicle of childhood!!!

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What you wanted to be

Why you want to do

What do you like

Why you look like this

What is your agenda

To respond to all these

Hell questions 

Were posed in little steps of yours

Some were peripheral to the

Main business of growing up

Some were relevant to the 

Existence of yours

With an intention 

To relocate the journey 

Nobody wanders to be nil

In the will of life

The cycle is vicious

As the format is identical

To grow in the dreams

To learn the fairytale

To adapt the behaviour

To nourish an ambition

To be jealous from toys.


The Childhood has blessing 

To have the innocence

To keep a balance

To maintain a distance

From the gossips of mockery

But the childhood has twists too

To burst out laughing

To mock on others

To imitate a bit

As seriousness is far way

In the steps of illumination.


True that, childhood plans fail

In order to have more

To incline towards strangers

The fellows can motivate or demotivate

But the courage has the determination

To surpass the reactions

To blend the flavors of actions

The soul is pure

Even if designation is lower or higher

Why to blame the upbringing

And the parentage!!!!!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar



Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 8.31.42 pm.pngThe list is ready

With a name in it

The surname is not required

When you have the reputation already.


If the names are destined

To be in the drama

To execute their move

To comprehend the karma of action

Then why enrolment is mandatory!


The stage is calling

The enrolled names

To enact an imaginary role

Of fictive characters

The camera is rolling

With the amazing eyes

The dialogues are scrolling

On the screen.


If the destiny has power

To create the history

To entitle you to play

Why to enrol in a drama

Of fiction!!


Bhavya Prabhakar

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The licence!!!



Are you authorised?

Do you have a permit?

Are you granted?

Do you have the licence?

Legal or illegal

Of the danger zone

To make her demented like a crazy

To snatch her nobility like a robber

To wipe her talents like water

To tear her into pieces like a paper

To snub her off!


The Permission is secondary

If the will has the utmost importance

To make her property like a possessor

To judge her actions like a judge

To check her invoice like a banker

To debit her total like an ATM

To control the power

Do you have the licence

To permit her the liberation

In the world.


Do you have the licence…….!!!!!!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Permit




El Dorado!!!!

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Let’s create a narrative

Of fiction and realism

Having a universe full 

Of diversity and hope!


El Dorado!!!

Is one of the answers 

Having the creatures

Of heroic visualisation

Where the abundance 

Is of love and prosperity

No destitution ever



The ornaments are as 

Bright as the reflection

Of the creatures covered 

In a golden bronze

In a golden era of hope

Having the vigour

To eradicate 

The full rigour 

Of the flaws!


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Creature




The Albatross/ L’albatros

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Yesterday was the day

When I had a

Surreal nightmare

Of the seashore

This bird, with her

Large and wide

Wings calling

The sea to sing

In a rhythm

Of a marine painters

Doting the portrayal.


Her bill has extreme

Power of survival

The flight is picking up

The preys with a knot

Knotting around the throat.


The nightmare had a

Tremendous effect

On the dreams of daylight

The Albatross, was around my

Bed for the revival of the

Current époque/ era

Of discrimination.


Don’t hunt the preys

Without the consent

Of the nature

As the Albatross is

Riding in a colder

Zone to search the



The Albatross screamed

Louder and louder

With an aim to seek

Attention of his appalling



But the nature was still in action

As the judgement was biased by attention!!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar

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The game!!!!

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Let’s start the game

with an appellation

you nominate

having crossed fingers

that it’s not me



You are so rebellious

with the deceit

in your eyes

losing is the only 


I realize.


Don’t sympathise

as it’s just a remedy

The manifestation of 

my bravery.


A player never 

advertises sympathy

so don’t surprise the

the dignity 

of recreation.


Don’t sympathise

when I compromise

in every situation

crossing the formidable

hurdles of a champion.


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize