In the blush blush !!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 12.29.52 am.pngIn the blush blush morning

With a flush flush way

Starting to mingle

His love is more single.


In the blush blush day

With a flush flush way

She is hesitant

To know his hints.


In the blush blush night

With a flush flush way

He is loving

To know her madness.


In the blush blush stars

With a flush flush way

Wanting to sparkle

In the shine of wine.


In the blush blush moon

With a flush flush way

Blooming to capture

His aura in the shine.


Her blush blush face

With his blush blush eyes

Twining in the moonshine

To follow the moonlight.


Copyright Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Blush




The wrinkles of her bed sheet,

matching the wrinkles of her thoughts.


The bloomy wrinkles had shown the urge,

wanting to spread more and more with comfort.


He smoothed out the wrinkles from his shirt,

but ignored the moment of love.


The bed sheet witnessed either the action of trust

or the worry of thrust.


She firmly denied all the reflections of the thoughts,

the wrinkles were part of her disturbed sleep.


Copyright Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Wrinkle



Grasp the hand!

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 1.15.00 am.pngGrasp the power

Grasp the energy

Grasp the will

In the scrutiny

Of time.


I am here

You are here

Why to fear

To grasp

Each other’s

Hand fiercely.


Time is moving

Along with your fear

Like a moving river

Why to wait

To walk on a path

Through the meadow

To touch your shadow

In a flowing river.


The shadow appeals

To grasp and kiss

Gently the urge

Of Moon in the water

But, why to fear

To grasp

My hands with

Pride and honour……………..


Copyright Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Grasp