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The skyscrapers

In a black city

Attracting the throng

To surrender the things

When the sense

Of newness wears off.


Build an attempt

So high

With an aim so tight

To render love

In a warm and vivid

Colors of shine.


The boredom is obvious

After a while

Causing trauma

Upside down

To change the things

When the sense

Of newness wears off.


The conscious mind

Dealing with vibes

Of an old urge

Turning to be fine

To replace with love

Of a vulnerable type.


It’s an alone flight

Of a luminous light

Which is inside

The newness will

Stay after a while

With a divine light

In this alone journey

Of life!


© Bhavya Prabhakar


She could not believe!

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She could not believe  

That stars do fall

That love can hinder communication

That lust is never ending.


She could not believe 

That faith has patience

That wishes come true

That hopes don’t run for money.


She could not believe

That money has power

That power is deceitful

That dishonesty is in demand.


She could not believe

But she had patience

To lead the world

To beat the heat

Of the worries…….


Copyright Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Patience