Buying a fabric!!!


Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 11.08.58 pm.pngThe fabric of the society

is damaged

or getting damaged

slowly or steadily!


But this multicultural fabric

of the community

has tremendous hues

of affection and innovation.

In which, she toiled all day

to select a fabric

of her choice 

to decorate her new house

neglecting the damage

happened to the society

of chaos.


She said,

“don’t fabricate 

the superfluous imagination

of the reality

I have my own 

strategy to avoid 

the negativity of the world

buying a fabric 

is a skill

of my talent.”


 Copyright Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Fabric



A Chronicle of childhood!!!

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 6.38.03 pm.png

What you wanted to be

Why you want to do

What do you like

Why you look like this

What is your agenda

To respond to all these

Hell questions 

Were posed in little steps of yours

Some were peripheral to the

Main business of growing up

Some were relevant to the 

Existence of yours

With an intention 

To relocate the journey 

Nobody wanders to be nil

In the will of life

The cycle is vicious

As the format is identical

To grow in the dreams

To learn the fairytale

To adapt the behaviour

To nourish an ambition

To be jealous from toys.


The Childhood has blessing 

To have the innocence

To keep a balance

To maintain a distance

From the gossips of mockery

But the childhood has twists too

To burst out laughing

To mock on others

To imitate a bit

As seriousness is far way

In the steps of illumination.


True that, childhood plans fail

In order to have more

To incline towards strangers

The fellows can motivate or demotivate

But the courage has the determination

To surpass the reactions

To blend the flavors of actions

The soul is pure

Even if designation is lower or higher

Why to blame the upbringing

And the parentage!!!!!!!


Bhavya Prabhakar


Suicide note to life!!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.50.42 pm.png

Why and how 

Is not the question

My veins are becoming blue

With the lips to be blue soon.


Free my soul for eternity

Don’t bound me to life

Issue the official warrant 

So that my grave is arrested

In deep freedom and solitude.


The sufferings are all mine

Not having a shoddy conduct

Courageous and honourable 

To commit this awful crime

Yet not liable to the life.


Why and how 

Is not the question

Bury me with smile

My grave is scented 

With hopes of flowers.


The antidote to this poison

Is the ending of the season

My desires are all buried

In a gloomy fight of survival

So let me take mine.


Bhavya Prabhakar

Some real stories provoke to write and portray the saddening truth of life. Suicides are never easy, it takes hell courage to do so. But the deadness inside or the depression is often the cause to commit it. God bless to all peaceful souls!!!!