Loophole: Was there any Loophole!

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Photo by Pexels, 16 January

via Daily Prompt: Loophole


Some days, we wander and wonder

Questioning the ways of life

Was there any loophole!

When we reminisced last

Forgetting the path.


The day has it’s charm

Tuning to have that warmth

The corner of my room

With the dark dusky roof

Restoring the magical aura.

Was there any loophole in the perception!


My thoughts are haphazard

Like the books in my shelf

When I envy other stories

Eulogising the titles of talent

Was there any loophole in the content

When I started the path!


The days are gone

Mesmerising is on

The Sun was setting

With setting of my new room

Was there any loophole in the words

When I wrote!



Bhavya Prabhakar